Message From President

Forms of Energy ..

Hot Water, Steam, Thermal Oil, Waste Heat Electricity…
We design, manufacture, assemble, commission and service, to produce energy all above.
We design and manufacture our boilers and sub-components for easy, safe, clean and economic operation in mind.
High combustion efficiency, high overall efficiency, environmentally safe and accepted emission values are always our biggest concern.
We are able to burn almost any kind of fuels like poultry manure, any kind of coal, biomass, car tires and of course natural gas and other liquid fuels. Our equipment are manufactured according to the international quality standards such as EN, ASME and certified by a reputable independent third party inspection institute.Mimsan's facilities are located in Malatya/Turkey, covers 20.000 m² closed area, employs more than 400 personnel.Mimsan Group is a front runner in energy industry of Turkey and will continue his activities to be a major player for years to come both in the country and in abroad.
Our activities include; gasification and incineration of coal, natural gas, liquid gas, biomass, process wastes and municipal wastes.Mimsan Group of Companies carries out extended R&D activities in technical cooperation with many local and foreign organizations including the leading universities.
As the growing and developing Mimsan Family, we would like to thank; the idealist and devoted Mimsan Group staff, our experts, dealers, service staff, shareholders, suppliers and our customers and to you who support and trust us forever.