Electrostatic chimney filter works with static electricity principle. The dust collected electrodes are periodically shaken and the dust is collected in the bunker. In our country, it is produced only by MİMSAN.

• Easy installation and Comissioning:
- Mimsan Electrostatic filters are produced as finished modules and shipped to boiler houses.

• Low Service Cost:
- No bag replacement problem
- Compared to bag and wet filter technologies, the maintenance-repair costs are 60% less.

• Low Operating Cost:
- There is no settling pool, caustic and water consumption required, which is required in the wet filter.

• Low electricity consumption:
- The power consumption of the chimney fan is 50% less than the bag filter.

• High performance:
- With PLC controlled automation, it works with high performance and efficiency.
- Since there is no problem of bag puncture, the risk of unplanned sudden stop is very low.