Environment Policy

Our company has accepted and undertaken to minimize the impact of our products on the environment by preventing pollution and constantly monitoring, documenting and implementing work in a manner that is open to public inspection.

In this scope our company strives to determine goals for constant improvement of our environmental management system, to review these goals through meetings and to provide employees with a healthy, safe and clean working environment.
In order to achieve this we will:

1. Conduct all environmental work according to the relevant laws, regulations, codes and the ISO 14001 standard and make sure our employees and subcontractors do the same,
2. Provide periodical courses on the environment to inform our employees,
3. Convey our environmental policy to all employees and make sure it is understood and practiced by all,
4. Provide easy access to the environmental policy for other parties (people, the public, subcontractors, etc.),
5. Keep the protection of the environment and people our priority,
6. Minimize the effects of solid, liquid and gas waste on the environment and reduce the impact of noise,
7. Research recycling possibilities and dispose of or recycle waste in a way that will not harm the environment.